[sword-devel] Greenstone .... and the Hawaiian Bible

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Apr 18 07:33:34 MST 2008

DM Smith wrote:
> The web site indicates that it is not the 1994 version.
> On this page:
> http://baibala.org/cgi-bin/bible?e=p-off-0bible--00-1-0true--00-4--Sec---0--1en-Zz-1---20-header-search-true---011-010-0-1-escapewin&a=p&p=frameset&p2=about&p3=edintro&toc=0&d=
> it says:
> "The American Bible Society supported the publishing and distribution of 
> the Baibala Hemolele from the start. Its latest edition, 1994, will be 
> made available here in text form, searchable by book, chapter, verse, or 
> word."
> Note the future tense "will be made available here"
> This page also indicates that it might be good to obtain permission for 
> distribution.

Actually, that says to me that it is the 1994 version. Only the 1994 
version is mentioned as coming in text form; the others are just 
referred to as having searchable images.

Besides, future tense can often refer to the present. And the text of 
that page is 5 years old.

So, we can surmise that we should contact ABS if we want to use the 1994 

> On this page:
> http://baibala.org/cgi-bin/bible?e=p-off-0bible--00-1-0false--00-4--Sec---0--1en-Zz-1---20-docoptions-search-false---011-010-0-1-escapewin&a=p&p=frameset&cl=&cid=&hl=1&toc=0&gg=text&d=NULL.2.1.1
> the right panel indicates that the text is "Original Hawaiian" and that 
> Modern Hawaiian is not available.

They might be using "Original Hawaiian" to mean the Hawaiian language 
and "Modern Hawaiian" to mean the English-based Hawaiian creole. It's 
pretty clear from comparing the three available Bibles that the written 
language hasn't changed that much in the last 160 years.


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