[sword-devel] On the topic of an iPhone front-end

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 09:16:44 MST 2008

Here's an article from the Slashdot/Linux.com world of interest
regarding the viability of licensing restrictions placed on the iPhone
SDK users, developers and software.  It seems like, unless Apple comes
out with some more clarification or lifts the NDA portion of it to at
least allow the dissemination of source code, we'd be unable to use
The SWORD Project's library in any sort of front end (unless a
dual-license of it was made available for this specific purpose).
I'll try to keep my eyes open as anything comes to develop on this


Also - as I've been working on this possible front-end, I haven't been
able to get Eloquent's Sword-only folder to compile, so I'd have to
either wait until Manfred finishes factoring out the Sword wrapper
portion of the code or I'll have to interface with him (after exams)
on which files I'm missing.

--Greg Hellings

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