[sword-devel] Programmatic assigning of sword numbers

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 24 04:22:45 MST 2007

My reasoning for putting it out there is that, some day, I plan to  
work on it.

But Troy, you have seen my goals for the rest of this year and I  
don't think there much room for anything else.

Serving Him together,

On Sep 24, 2007, at 4:06 AM, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> I think you should do it!  :)
> We actually have a "Guess at Strong's" button on our KJV2003 tagging
> tool.  It did pretty good and gave taggers a good starting place for
> each verse, and DM, it's in JAVA! :)
> http://crosswire.org/sword/kjv2003
> Actually, the code is pretty trivial.  It just uses known KJV
> translation phrases and frequencies to weight likely candidates in a
> verse.  And like you have mentioned, since we know all the Strong's  
> for
> a single verse, and a single verse only has so many english words, the
> options are narrowed significantly.
> So, are you gonna do it? :)
> 	-Troy.
> DM Smith wrote:
>> On Sep 23, 2007, at 11:09 PM, jonathon wrote:
>>> DM Smith wrote:
>>>> If we had a mapping of which words and or phrases in a given
>>>> language mapped to a Strong's number, then one could write a
>>>> program that tagged best matches.
>>> That makes it sound far more easier than it is in practice.
>>>> Now I've taken enough language classes to know that the effort  
>>>> would
>>>> be imprecise. Proofreading would be necessary.
>>> I've been looking at English mappings.
>>> The same English word can have two or more Strong's numbers.
>>> The same Strong number can have half a dozen English words.
>> Yes these are some of the problems. Phrase mapping is yet another set
>> of problems.
>> But for a given verse, we have a limited number of words for which
>> the Strong's numbers can map. This reduces the ambiguity and in some
>> cases might eliminate it.
>> The Strong's Lexicons sometimes list the possible mappings for a
>> particular translation. If we have a translation that is fairly close
>> to that, then we can use that as a  hint of a constrained mapping.
>> For example, we have the mapping for the KJV. We have many variants
>> of the KJV at Sword without Strong's numbers. A comparison of the one
>> to the other can yield the differences and applying an approximation
>> mapping algorithm (bitap, for example) can produce good results.
>> See a real working example of this here:
>> http://neil.fraser.name/software/diff_match_patch/demo_patch.html
>> -- DM

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