[sword-devel] demo TEI modules

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 18 08:48:41 MST 2007

Not that I would find any personal use in the dictionaries, I think they 
are great. Hopefully, these will set the stage for osis to model this 
into it's schema.

I've got some work to do on JSword to get them to display properly in 
BibleDesktop. Currently it is using a "plain text" filter. And the 
performance is terrible, because of how JSword slurps the entire module 
to display the entire list of words. I didn't see any TEI to HTML 
filters in Sword, so I guess there is some work to do there too.

I was a bit surprised by the collation of some of the words. Any word 
with an accent is collated "out of order". For example Ā is sorted after 
Y (there are no words beginning with Z) in the Anglo-Saxon Dictionary.

It appears that it is comparing the bytes and not the characters (let 
alone the code points of the characters).

Also, TEI entry and entryFree and superEntry tags define the attribute 
"key" to be used to control the collation of the words. Can this be 

Related, when doing a lookup should we allow lookup without the diacritics?

In Him,

Chris Little wrote:
> I posted a set of demo lexicons using TEI markup internally for people 
> to play with and test TEI-filters on:
> BosworthToller:	 An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary       (Old English-English)
> CleasbyVigfusson:An Icelandic-English Dictionary (Old Icelandic-English)
> LewisShort:	 A Latin Dictionary              (Latin-English)
> The last might be of use to folks trying to read the vulgate, but the 
> first two don't have much use in Bible software. But I use them 
> personally and thought I might as well package them up to share as demos.
> They are buggy. I know that.
> I'll see about posting a Middle Liddell soon, but it's been a bit more 
> of a challenge because of character encoding.
> --Chris
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