[sword-devel] demo TEI modules

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Sep 5 21:12:24 MST 2007

I posted a set of demo lexicons using TEI markup internally for people 
to play with and test TEI-filters on:

BosworthToller:	 An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary       (Old English-English)
CleasbyVigfusson:An Icelandic-English Dictionary (Old Icelandic-English)
LewisShort:	 A Latin Dictionary              (Latin-English)

The last might be of use to folks trying to read the vulgate, but the 
first two don't have much use in Bible software. But I use them 
personally and thought I might as well package them up to share as demos.

They are buggy. I know that.

I'll see about posting a Middle Liddell soon, but it's been a bit more 
of a challenge because of character encoding.


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