[sword-devel] mkfastmod

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Sep 16 23:38:06 MST 2007

This likely means that you have not compiled the sword libraries with 
clucene support turned on (for options, have a look in sword/usrinst.sh).

Without clucene, I think only RawText has an experimental indexed 
searching framework.  It was only for testing.  With clucene compiled 
in, all drivers will gain the ability to use it as their search framework.

Hope this helps.


ransom82 wrote:
> I know that I am probably missing something really simple, but I haven't 
> been able to figure it out. When I run mkfastmod it always says [Module 
> Name] does not support a search framework, regardless of which module I 
> try. Could someone please help me?
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