[sword-devel] New development on Mac

Michael Zappe zapman at zappe.us
Sun Sep 9 10:56:36 MST 2007

On Sep 9, 2007, at 4:42 AM, Manfred Bergmann wrote:

> The Cocoa text system is strong, right.
> But I think I did not fully understand what you have in mind.
> I would like to see text rendering much easier than in MacSword. No  
> tables, no css.
> Simple but effective. Using WebKit, words that are tagged in some  
> way throw events when the mouse curser moves over them (like links).
> Using Cocoa text system the mouse possition would need to be  
> tracked to have the same functionality.

No, actually.  You can do that using attributes with  
NSAttributedText.  This is one of the experiments I've tackled.   
NSTextView does all the mouse tracking, etc., for you.

I think we can get a lot more flexibility in using Cocoa directly  
versus WebKit, but there are other overarching concerns here that I'm  
not quite familiar with.  It would also probably require a bit more  
specific hacking in the Cocoa stuff, and I can't volunteer too much  

>> Spotlight integration would also /rock/.
> We will have Spotlight integration. We have SearchKit indexing  
> already. We just need to create a Spotlight plugin.
> I think this is not that difficult.

That being the case, I may look into how to do this.


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