[sword-devel] Module categories

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Oct 29 10:45:40 MST 2007

peter wrote:
> A useful change in the main library would be to allow composite modules
> which have one bulky resource (e.g. an image directory) and multiple
> access indeces and subsequently are subject to several technical
> categories. Once this becomes possible and more widespread we should
> think closer about semantic categories and have the technical categories
> as displayed and explained module capabilities.

Nothing prevents you from sharing images between modules currently, 
provided they're in the same directory (and nothing prevents that 
either). You should probably keep a single .conf file for all of the 
modules in a single directory though.

For textual modules, I don't see much value in this. In theory, it's 
possible, provided you don't compress the data file and you write some 
way of having non-standard data file names (i.e. not nt, ot, etc.). 
Writing indexers would be the difficult part, but I think there are some 
old indexer examples you could use as models, which don't use the write 
interface and don't modify the source file at all.


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