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Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Sun Oct 28 23:40:13 MST 2007

HI Eeli,

IMO we should hide the technical detail from the users. For them, only the "logical" function is interesting.

am Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2007 um 21:03 schrieben Sie:

> Looking at both wiki .conf section and BibleTime code I noticed that
> there is no strict logic in module categories. Several cases are
> possible now, for example:

> - technically a genbook, logically a Bible (though there are none atm.?)
> - technically a genbook, logically a commentary (there are none?)
> - technically a lexicon, logically a devotional
> - technically a lexicon, logically an atlas (NETmaps)
> - technically a genbook, logically an atlas
> - technically a genbook, logically a lexicon (Hesychius)

> But it's not possible to know all logical types or categories by just
> looking at the conf file.

> Would it be reasonable to add all the logical alternatives in
> "Category"? Then it would include Commentaries, Bibles and Lexicons as
> well. The frontend could then decide whether to show for example all
> logical lexicons together or divide them in technical basis.

>   Yours,
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