[sword-devel] BibleCS 1.5.10pre4

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Oct 26 19:45:09 MST 2007

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> Also, it's polytonic Greek, so you'll need to use a polytonic keyboard. 
>> If you paste "βάλλω", you should get the work you're looking for (it's 
>> there).
> can you show lemmas in one of the new greek modules, right click on one 
> and then choose dictionary lookup?

It does lookup correctly. It may or may not actually have that lemma in 
the dictionary though. And sometimes it appears to be a bit off, picking 
a key that follows the expected one. (Something related to normalization 
perhaps? But I believe it's already all NFC.)

It mostly comes down to difficulties raised by accents and other diacritics.

>> BibleCS's LD pane doesn't load the whole module at once, but you can use 
>> page up/down for faster movement.
>>> Searching in LiddellScott does not work. The index can be created but
>>> the results are completely broken. It may be an encoding problem (well,
>>> now it bites you too...)
> This should work.  We can search UTF-8 Bibles.  I think when a focus 
> changes between Bible, Commentary, Lexicon, the search window updates to 
> have current module changed to whatever is focused.  This code might 
> also do something with setting UTF-8 in the search window.
> Anyway, try right-clicking on a UTF-8 Greek Bible and select Search.
> Hopefully it's a minor bug.

The same problem occurs when I search a word from MorphGNT, switch to 
LS, and click search.

Just to confirm, that the problem was as I described, I checked by 
switching to another locale (one that uses a non-Latin script) and did a 
Bible search. With the locale set to Ukrainian, a search will return 
keys localized in Cyrillic. Then BibleCS performs lookups on all those 
keys, returning the same verse text for all keys (which just display as 
a bunch of question marks for each book plus a legible chapter:verse 
number). And that repeated text is Rev 1:1.

Basically the key field just needs to be able to display UTF-8 (in 
addition to the result field, which already does).


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