[sword-devel] AmTract Encoding

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Oct 25 20:27:48 MST 2007

Jeremy Erickson <jerickson314 at users.sourceforge.net> writes:
> I noticed that some of the keys in the AmTract lexicon module (such 
> as "Abraham's Bosom") have apostrophes that don't work properly in the 
> frontends....  GnomeSword actually 
> crashes when attempting to access those entries.

I haven't any idea, of course, what version you're running, or under
what environment, but GnomeSword 2.3.1 under both Fedora7 (in both
gtkhtml3 and mozembed builds) and Cygwin do not crash on such errors.

In a gtkhtml3 build, they display as plain question marks; in a mozembed
build, they display as an unknown character glyph, which is a sort of
white question mark inside a black diamond.

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