[sword-devel] .conf files encoding/tags

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Oct 7 19:29:32 MST 2007

DM Smith wrote:
> I don't think that \pard is an equivalent of \par. By no means am I  
> an expert on RTF, but in looking at the output in BibleCS it appears  
> that \pard merely turned off all "paragraph attributes" such as  
> centering (aka \qc).
> The RTFHTML filter output nothing for \pard but a </center>,  
> conditionally.
> I looked at Sun's implementation of the RTF editor and it appeared it  
> was similar, only turning off paragraph attributes.
> But, I could very well be wrong. :)

You're correct. All the same, \pard isn't currently necessary, so I'll 
remove extraneous \par's as seems fitting when I get a chance.


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