[sword-devel] .conf files encoding/tags

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Oct 6 15:42:27 MST 2007

I've committed the .confs to SVN (in the sword-tools repository) and am 
doing some updates presently.

DM Smith wrote:
> \
> 	(continuation at end of line. very common. Earlier thread suggested  
> avoiding it's use as it is unnecessary.)

These aren't RTF.

There's nothing wrong with them, per se, but I find them a bit annoying, 
so I will probably delete them so that we can have 1 line per entry

> \i ... \i0
> 	(only in chamarro, zhenglish, zhanzi and zhpinyin)
> \b ... \b0
> 	(only in zhenglish, zhanzi and zhpinyin)
> \cf6 ... \cf0
> 	(only in chamaro)

I will probably remove all of these. chamorro.conf is a particularly 
good example of a particularly bad .conf file.

> \uddddd? and \u-ddddd?
> 	(in chincvs, chincvt and the beta turntb)

This is how Unicode is encoded in RTF, so I have no problem. I should 
have mentioned previously that it's "\u{num}?", where {num} is a signed 
16-bit number, expressed in decimal.

> The wiki on the conf (http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/index.php/ 
> DevTools:Modules) lists the fields that currently have RTF.

It should be limited to About, so I'll fix anything outside of About.


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