[sword-devel] .conf files encoding/tags

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Oct 3 19:58:45 MST 2007

DM Smith wrote:
> There are many fields that have non-ascii. Some are UTF-8 and some  
> are latin-1. It does not seem to correspond to the Encoding= field.  
> If you wish me to enumerate them, I'll look.

Ok, that should definitely be fixed. If you have the time, please feel 
free to find the errors, otherwise I'll take a look at it after .10.

> In the conf, there are other rtf codes such as \b and \i. I can  
> enumerate all the exceptions to \par,\pard,\qc and \uxxxxx, if you  
> wish. The only modules that have the \u codes are for utf-8 modules.  
> The jsp code that displays the confs on the website are relatively  
> braindead and only handle a few codes. The rest, such as \u show up  
> uninterpreted.

Ok, we can check through all the Abouts and make sure that the RTFHTML 
filter can handle anything used in them. And I don't think the jsp that 
handles that was ever much more than a quick hack, which could 
definitely use some maintenance to repair any deficiencies and maybe 
give users a look more consistent with the rest of the site.

> Further, a few modules have html in the about field. The <a href="">  
> is only in the short promo at the time.

Those are errors.

> Personally, I don't have a problem with whatever decision is made,  
> but I'd like the conf's to be fixed to be consistent with what ever  
> is/was decided.

Personally, I'd love to see us move to XML .confs, a nice benefit of 
which would be validation when authoring. But we would need to maintain 
backwards compatability with the old .confs for a few years/decades.


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