[sword-devel] [bt-devel] Alpha/beta release schedule

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Oct 3 09:11:31 MST 2007

Hey guys.  I just wanted to give you a status report with SWORD's 
release in case it might help with your schedule.  We have most 
everything critical completed.  2 bugs are still outstanding in my eyes, 
and both were recently discovered:

Strongs and Morph codes do not function independently with the cool new 
Greek lexicons Chris has in beta.  I feel this is an important bug to 
fix, as generally the greatest advantage with a new release we give our 
end users is support for our latest modules.

Also, it was reported that our unindexed searching doesn't correctly 
work with the ignore case option for UTF-8 text.  This is small and 
should be easily fixed.

I'd like to get these things done BEFORE this coming weekend and release 
an RC package everyone can try over the weekend and then release if we 
get the ok from the frontends.

Again, my apologies for getting off to a horrible start of trying to 
release early and often.


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