[sword-devel] API docs for sword / update for 1.5.10

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Tue Oct 2 09:51:01 MST 2007


It has been noted recently, that there is a sword-apidoc SVN module which 
contains the doxygen-generated html documentation of Sword's source code. I 
used to maintain this sword-apidoc module until 1.5.8 or so, and will take 
ownership of it again in the light of the changed release policy of Sword. 
The files have just been updated to 1.5.10.

So whoever thinks that Sword's documentation is not good enough: Please check 
out sword, and start editing the *.h files to provide more detailed 
doxygen-style comments, code examples etc. Submit your changes here as a 
patch, if you don't have commit rights. We'll integrate them, I'll update the 
sword-apidoc module so that people can benefit from your work.

You can either view the documentation by checking out SVN from
or browsing my copy at



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