[sword-devel] Messy rawtext file clean-up

Gregory Kedrovsky gregkedro at gmail.com
Mon May 28 11:56:49 MST 2007

I've been trying to work on a "homemade" module for my Spanish Bible, and
owing to my not being much of a "geek," I'd like to ask you all for help if
I may.

I have nt and ot rawtext files made for my Spanish Bible, but they have what
appears to me to be formatting character sequences throughout the text. For


I can bring up the nt and ot files in OpenOffice and do a find/replace on
those character strings, and it cleans it up quite nicely. But, I have no
idea how to save the file in a format that's compatible with the Sword
engine (I use GnomeSword, by the way, on Debian Lenny).

I thought, then, that I'd clean up the files in vim, but all my extended
characters (á é í ó ú ñ) come out as garbage. All my other text files that
have extended characters read fine in a term window and in vim, so I again
don't know what I'm looking at with my nt and ot rawtext files. I'm missing

If you'd like to see the files, I sent them up to my web site here:


Any advice anyone could throw my way would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Greg Kedrovsky, San Jose, Costa Rica
iglesia-del-este.com | greg-and-sue.com

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