[sword-devel] new release module/new beta module

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed May 23 20:25:34 MST 2007

Just to let everyone know, I've put the beta FarsiOPV module into the 
public repository.

I've also put Brian Dumont's Book of Concord module into the beta area.

Please give them a while to appear in the lists for installmgr--I'm not 
sure when the cron job runs to collect the .confs.

I had really hoped to spend a little time looking at both of these 
before posting them, but I'm flying to Germany tomorrow and I just 
haven't had the time. I may be incommunicado until the week after next, 
   but I should have internet access after that to take another look at 
things (like bug reports).

I may have some time to finish the TEI dictionaries and updates for 
WEB/HNV while I'm on the road next week or while I'm at school in Munich 
during June.


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