[sword-devel] Greek Frequencies / KJV2003

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Tue May 22 13:50:10 MST 2007

I've just committed a basic program which collates Lemma occurances in a 
SWORD module and outputs a CSV file which includes the fields:
UTF8 Lemma
Strong's number
SWORD Module text for the word

Sample output run on our KJV2003 text yields interesting data.  It 
reveals likely places where our KJV2003 editors may have made mistakes.
I hope this tool will be possibly useful for us to do a couple other 
things like:

automate flashcard lessons by frequency

restore the KJV phrase and frequency data we losts when we had to remove 
the Strong's Englismann's lexicon module.

maybe more.

Anyway the sample output from KJV2003 (before DM's great work at 
combining empty articles, etc) is here:


and the source is in the sword-tools repo at:


Hope it is useful.


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