[sword-devel] French Darby translation is OSIS (beta version)

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat May 12 14:48:52 MST 2007

On May 12, 2007, at 4:15 PM, Chris Little wrote:

>> -Line-feed and tabulations are not considered as space: if you  
>> look at
>> Genesis 1:2, it should be "Et l'Esprit de Dieu" and it is  
>> displayed as
>> "Etl'Esprit de Dieu" (a space is missing).
> This looks like a problem with osis2mod, but the OSIS file itself  
> could
> use some whitespace cleanup.  There is a lot of stray whitespace, for
> example at ends of lines, before </p>. The problem in Genesis 1:2  
> could
> be handled by deleting changing the linefeed + tab to a single space.

I think this is rather a "feature". osis2mod is trimming "extraneous"  
whitespace. I think this was to handle input that is pretty. I'm in  
favor of retaining all whitespace. My opinion is that an osis  
document should be what is actually wanted. I've got some changes I  
need to make because of the NASB (osis2mod is not handling stuff  
between verses well). I can change this too if it is what people want.

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