[sword-devel] French Darby translation is OSIS (beta version)

Sebastien Koechlin seb.sword at koocotte.org
Sat May 12 08:19:49 MST 2007

I'm working on the French Darby translation.

You can find a beta OSIS version at 
http://koocotte.org/darby/darby.osis.xml.bz2 (1.3M) or
http://koocotte.org/darby/darby.osis.xml.zip (1.9M)

It's beta because:
- I loose about 50 notes,
- Psalms titles are losts (they are before first verse in this translation).
- Some markup is missing (poetic)
but I'ms still working on it.

You can build a sword module with it
(mkdir sword; osis2mod sword darby.osis.xml)
and grab my conf file: http://koocotte.org/darby/fredrb.conf

I have some problems with osis2mod, I'm using libsword6_1.5.9-0ubuntu3:

-Notes are probably empty, neither bibletime (1.6-0ubuntu1) nor gnomesword2
display any content.

-Line-feed and tabulations are not considered as space: if you look at
Genesis 1:2, it should be "Et l'Esprit de Dieu" and it is displayed as
"Etl'Esprit de Dieu" (a space is missing).

-Is sword able to use a different versification?  For example some
translations have a 55th verse in Genesis 31, and for others this verse is
labeled Genesis 32:1 and Genesis 32 is 33 verses long.

-I have errors like:
	re-versified Leviticus 5:20     as Leviticus 5:19
	re-versified Leviticus 5:26     as Leviticus 5:19

Can a osis2mod guru look at this?


Sébastien Koechlin

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