[sword-devel] module modtime -vs- CLucene index out-of-date-ness

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed May 2 05:46:46 MST 2007

DM Smith <dmsmith555 at yahoo.com> writes:
> Does the InstallManager delete a module before updating with a more  
> recent version? Or does it just overwrite the module.

GnomeSword notices that one is intending to install a new version of
an already-installed module, and deletes the existing version first.

This is necessary because of a Sword bug which I mentioned here on 15
Oct.  At the command line, for a module you already have installed:

installmgr -r crosswire
installmgr -ri crosswire KJV

You will observe that installmgr goes off to crosswire.org to begin
downloading every single *.conf known, one at a time.  You'll probably
want to kill it before it gets out of hand.  But if you allow it to
continue, if I recall correctly I believe it will never get around to
retrieving a replacement KJV module anyhow.

GnomeSword's behavior is a workaround to this bug, which I implemented
about 3 months ago.

>> It seems as though all that can be done is to compare
>> modtime(DataPath/) against modtime(DataPath/lucene/) and re-invoke
>> mkfastmod if the module content is newer.

> This would handle the case where InstallManager is not used to  
> download a module.

My concern is exactly this, so that when the user retrieves a random
*.zip to be installed and overwrites existing content in place, we can
notice that re-indexing is needed.

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