[sword-devel] Pre-verse text handling in OSIS-based Sword modules

Kahunapule Michael Johnson kahunapule at mpj.cx
Tue May 1 08:34:09 MST 2007

I think I remember some discussion about how pre-verse text should be
marked in OSIS-based Sword modules. For example, you might want to
include a Psalm title before verse 1 officially starts when getting the
first verse of a Psalm, or maybe include a subtitle (for those
translations that have them) with the verse it precedes. Such things
could be inferred from just looking from where the last verse ends
(either explicitly with a verse-end marker in OSIS or implicitly, by
finding where the canonical text (i. e., not a title, subtitle, etc.) of
the previous verse ends in USFM). Did you decide to use a custom
milestone to indicate the beginning of preverse text, or go with some
other mechanism? Is such a milestone something that is automatically
added in the module creation process, or is it something that would be
useful for me to put in my USFM to OSIS converter?

(Actually, I'm not converting USFM directly to OSIS, but USFM to USFX to
OSIS. The difference is rather subtle, since USFX is just an XML
representation of USFM, slightly extended.)


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