[sword-devel] module modtime -vs- CLucene index out-of-date-ness

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue May 1 20:20:18 MST 2007

There is no such mechanism, to my knowledge.

Should I start indexing all of our modules?

- Users won't have to do their own indexing.
- Most users don't know about indexing at all, so they'll suddenly see 
huge speed improvements and be able to access Lucene syntax searches.
- Updated modules will come with updated indexes.

- Larger download size.
- Frontends without Lucene support get no improvement, just the bigger 
d/l size. (Think handhelds.)


Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> Is there a mechanism defined in CLucene, or in Sword's use of CLucene,
> for noticing that a module's content has been updated more recently
> than its CLucene index?
> It seems as though all that can be done is to compare
> modtime(DataPath/) against modtime(DataPath/lucene/) and re-invoke
> mkfastmod if the module content is newer.
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