[sword-devel] French ligatures in Louis SÉGOND’s text

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Jul 15 00:09:53 MST 2007

We could change oe to oe-ligature where appropriate in Louis Segond. 
That would be simple enough since editions exist online that use 
oe-ligature correctly.

However, since we won't be doing language-specific search tweaks and 
since oe-ligature basicallly can't be typed on French keyboards, the 
change would make these words unsearchable. While the ligature might be 
helpful to non-native speakers needing cues to pronunciation, I don't 
think any native French speakers would have any issues with reading the 
text exactly as it is now.

Do you still think the change would be beneficial?

Do any users who use French as their primary language consider the 
change an improvement?


Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA wrote:
> 	I notices there are no French ligatures in Louis SÉGOND’s
> translation.  For example, it is written coeur and soeur instead of cœur and
> sœeur.  Worse still, when one search for cœur or sœur nothing comes.
>         So two questions.  First, can I fix the text, or will the display
> engine be fixed?  Second, can the search engine be made to understand
> ligatures?  Ideally it should not care if one writes the canonical expansion
> or the ligature itself, it should find all relevant matches also either
> ligated or expanded.

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