[sword-devel] Python and swig

Pierre Amadio pierre.amadio at libertysurf.fr
Sat Jan 27 11:05:53 MST 2007

Hi there.

After chatting a bit on #maemo, i installed a version of python2.5
(instead of 2.3) on the scratchbox environment. 

I was happy to realise the sword python module was working with this
version of python: the import _Sword did not complain.

However, in this specific version of python, the help keyword is not
implemented, so i cannot ask for help(_Sword)

On Thu, Jan 25, 2007 at 01:43:20PM +1100, Ben Morgan wrote:
> This should build the extension. I'm not sure whether you need to install it
> (if you do, just type cd python && python setup.py install
> If you would like any examples of how to use SWORD under python, just email
> me

Those example would be greatly appreciated :)

Have a nice day.

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