[sword-devel] php bindings

Jonathan Morgan jonmmorgan at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 15:13:18 MST 2007

On 2/24/07, Brent Kirkley <kirkley at kirkley.com> wrote:
> I'm interested in participating in a php version of the sword software.
> According to the Osis docs the bible texts aren't too var removed from
> regular xml docs so parsing them out shouldn't be that bad.  Also, I was
> thinking.. instead of trying to incorporate all of these C libs into the php
> build stack.. why not recreate them as php module/libs or even objects.
> Granted the effort is duplicated but at least the build is completely
> separate from the build tree.

The Sword library contains a large amount of functionality, which it
would be difficult to duplicate in any given language, and it would
require adding support for anything as Sword added support for it, to
keep it current.  Even the JSword project, which has had a large
amount of effort put into it, is not very close to the Sword library.
If you use a binding to the existing library, then you get all the
functionality already there very nearly for free.

In addition, the issue isn't just OSIS.  A large number of Sword
modules are in the ThML or GBF formats.  Unless you wish to support
all of these, you lessen your chances of dealing with any Sword module
properly.  Sword supports all these module types already.


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