[sword-devel] Sword module repositories (Re: Hodge's 4-part Systematic Theology)

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Feb 11 17:05:03 MST 2007

Pierre Dumuid <pierre.dumuid at adelaide.edu.au> writes:
> I was wondering if we might be able to have a list on the website that
> lists external locations from which modules might be obtainable.
> In the future, I am planning to release some modules made from the pdf's
> at http://www.newcreation.org.au/books/indexes/commentaries.htm, and was
> curious about how to distribute them.

No one "official" has responded/reacted to this in 4+ days.

I think a reference resource page like this will be both essential and
invaluable.  What we have up to now are haphazard collections of repos
where modules can be found.  All that I know about so far are
- the Crosswire main modules area.
- the beta modules area.
- jroysdon maintains a mirror of the main modules area.
- NET Bible, at ftp.bible.org in /sword.
- my own modules, at ftp.kleinpaste.org in /pub/sword.
I don't doubt that there are more module repositories out there, but I
don't know how anyone could be expected to find them.

Two evenings ago, someone was chatting with me in Freenode #sword,
discussing a desire and intention to integrate Catholic materials in
genbooks and (once extension to handle Apocrypha is done) newer Bible
modules and commentaries.  He mentioned expressly an intent to make
materials available via their own server, but again, the question
arises, How do people find modules like this, that aren't sanctioned
by Crosswire?

It makes little sense to have module preparation tools available, if
the result of their use doesn't become readily available to people.

                o                o                o

FYI, I have updated/fixed _Systematic Theology_, having found the
problems with the module that gave the appearance of missing material.
(All the intended material is actually there, but headers in the XML
are mangled, such that I didn't know what is in it.)  It's now a
single module, SysTheo, at my server noted above, and the scripts
which build it are part of the module content.

I'm now working on a module for Augustine's _City of God_, which
should be ready in a day or three, and it will be on my server as
well.  I will probably work on _Confessions_ after that.


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