[sword-devel] Hodge's 4-part Systematic Theology

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Feb 7 10:23:17 MST 2007

If you define in your module manager (install manager) a remote
install source at ftp.kleinpaste.org in /pub/sword, you will find 4
modules comprising Charles Hodge's _Systematic Theology_.

The text is ThML, as obtained from CCEL.  xml2gbs did a poor job with
it so I spent a couple hours yesterday on yet another sed hackery job
to produce these.  They seem reasonable so far; I would appreciate it
if some would pick them up and look them over.  I consider them very
beta; they have a "0.<date>" version stamp for now and I won't presume
to knock them forward to 1.anything until others have examined the
resulting formatting.

Some of the formatting choices that look great in GS don't work so
well in WinSword 1.5.9.  Most obviously, I know Troy has added proper
support for "<p />" (on my request, months ago) but as of the 1.5.9
release, WinSword's interpretation of "<p />" is effectively identical
to mere "<br />".  I'm not sure if I should try to address this, or
simply expect that Troy will soon complete the followup release beyond
1.5.9, at which point I can simply stuff an appropriate MinimumVersion
header into *.conf.

A problem over which I have no control is that the source text is
clearly missing some material, e.g. Vol 1, Part I Theology Proper,
Chapter 2 Theism does not have all the sections that are listed in
the Prefatory.

There were also a number of obvious errors which I could readily
repair, especially in section titles, e.g. "3. articular Passages
which Teach the Divinity of Christ" was clearly missing the `P' on
"Particular."  I gather that the XML resulted from OCR'd+edited text.

_Systematic Theology_ may be 130 years old, but it's a deep, long,
involved work, and still very relevant.  As originally published, Vol
1 alone weighed in at 650 pages, and the "Introduction" (huh, yeah,
right) is 6 chapters long.  I hope your language skills in Hebrew,
Greek, Latin, French, and German are all up to par.

GS users: If the GS you run is not built out of recent SVN, then the
first time you define a new remote source, you will need to close and
re-open the MM.


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