[sword-devel] Hebrew & Greek dictionaries, reprised

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Feb 4 08:10:21 MST 2007

Mr. Petersen is a wealth of information, and pointed me as well to
Jens Grebner's Strong's Hebrew that uses UTF-8.  So I've built this
also, and re-built the Greek that I first produced 2 days ago, so that
its sword:// refs to Hebrew point at this new version.

One oddity: Being a GnomeSword user, which currently renders using
gtkhtml3, which in turn automatically engages RtoL in the presence of
Hebrew, I have placed the Hebrew on a line by itself, with the
transliteration and pronunciation on the subsequent line.  Having the
Hebrew+translit+pronun come up together, but *reversed*, was a bit
hard on the eyes.

ftp.kleinpaste.org, /pub/sword.


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