[sword-devel] Search technology: Suggestion from Mr. Petersen

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Feb 3 20:42:53 MST 2007

Forwarded per his suggestion.  I have no information or opinion about
such matters.


| By the way, if the Sword project ever needs a way to search
| linguistically analyzed material more sophisticatedly, please have a
| look at my Emdros project:

| http://emdros.org

| It is basically a linguistic search engine that is rather powerful.  I
| would be very glad if the Sword project would embrace Emdros as an
| underlying technology, and other licensing than the GPL can be
| negotiated, e.g., if you need to include modules that require database
| encryption -- I have a solution for that.   Emdros especially shines
| in the realm of searching syntactic databases (above word-level), but
| I suppose that Crosswire doesn't currently have the resources to go
| out and produce or procure such a database.

| Feel free to copy this email to any sword-devel lists, or parts of it,
| at your discretion.

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