[sword-devel] A new Tischendorf8, from Petersen's recently-released v1.5

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Sat Feb 3 05:31:25 MST 2007

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karl at kleinpaste.org writes:

Earlier  today, I picked up a copy of Ulrik Peterson's new v1.5 of
Tischendorf8 from  http://morphgnt.org/.  It's a very easy-to-work-with
text containing  morph and Strong's and I spent a little while
producing a script that would  convert the content into a Sword module.

If anyone is interested and  inclined, it can be found at
ftp.kleinpaste.org in /pub/sword (as per the  updated Strong's Greek
with real UTF-8 Greek, mentioned earlier  today).  I would be
interested in any feedback.

(GnomeSword  users: The MM bug previously mentioned is no longer tickled
by my site as a  remote source, now that there is a Bible text in  place.)


I tried it on Windows XP SP2 in The SWORD Project.  I'm getting the  
following error message:
Module Name: (Tisch-Up) is unsupported and the module must be upgraded or  
removed. You may be able to merely modify the [name] line in the modules' .conf  
file located in the mods.d directory where you installed SWORD. You should  
remove any special characters including spaces and symbols. Send email to 
_sword-support at crosswire.org_ (mailto:sword-support at crosswire.org)  if you  need 
further assistance.
I turned versions 1.3 and 1.4 into OSIS, but had no luck making a module  
from it.  I'm looking forward to seeing this work.  



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