[sword-devel] A new Tischendorf8, from Petersen's recently-released v1.5

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Fri Feb 2 22:42:21 MST 2007

Earlier today, I picked up a copy of Ulrik Peterson's new v1.5 of
Tischendorf8 from http://morphgnt.org/.  It's a very easy-to-work-with
text containing morph and Strong's and I spent a little while
producing a script that would convert the content into a Sword module.

If anyone is interested and inclined, it can be found at
ftp.kleinpaste.org in /pub/sword (as per the updated Strong's Greek
with real UTF-8 Greek, mentioned earlier today).  I would be
interested in any feedback.

(GnomeSword users: The MM bug previously mentioned is no longer tickled
by my site as a remote source, now that there is a Bible text in place.)


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