[sword-devel] Creation of commentary using osis..

Pierre Marc Dumuid pierre.dumuid at adelaide.edu.au
Fri Feb 2 21:41:31 MST 2007

Thanks Karl,

In regards my commentary being the first OSIS commentary, I was 
beginning to get that idea.. (and had grepped for OSIS in my mods.d 
directory myself.)  But I did see that on the website it said that OSIS 
is the preferred format... hence my choice.

 I couldn't immediately find your bugzilla, and I'm not so keen on 
joining every mailing list for every sword client.. so please excuse me 
for not joining that list.

Please note that at the moment, I am still in discussion on if and how 
the modules from  
http://www.newcreation.org.au/books/indexes/commentaries.htm are to be 
released and am really just doing groundwork myself in investigating the 
time requirements, and means of making such a module. (though I 
personally desire the modules to be free, what eventuates is not my 
decision...)  So even though the Ephesians module is complete and usable 
for testing, the link is provided for testing only, and I am required 
that I get permission before officially distributing it.

That matter aside:

I'm not sure but I'm getting the idea that sword doesn't store the 
modules in it's own format. This seems REALLY strange, as it relies on 
the client to provide the interpretation of the format and thus results 
in differences between clients as has occured.  I initially thought that 
OSIS was converted to a "SWORD" format, which had only one way of 
representing reference, footnotes, etc.  (BTW: the footnotes don't work 
either.)  But it seems that each format when converted to the "SWORD" 
standard format (if one exists) maintains some of its specific 
representation of data, (i.e. <reference> instead of <scripRef> ") which 
to me seems REALLY bad...


Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> Pierre Marc Dumuid <pierre.dumuid at adelaide.edu.au> writes:
>> I have been using a sed script to auto convert bible reference into
>> the format:
>> <reference osisRef="Ephesians.1.1">Ephesians 1:1</reference>
> ...
>> In gnomesword2 (2.2.1) the bible verse shows up as a hyperlink, but
>> when clicking on it, the preview doesn't switch to the verse??
> I'm a GS developer and project admin. (And heavy user of sed scripts. :-)
> Evidently, you are creating the first-ever OSIS-based commentary for
> Sword, seen from the result of executing in ~/.sword/mods.d:
> grep -l ^ModDrv=.*Com * | xargs grep ^SourceType= | tr -d '\r' | cut -d: -f2 | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr
> So if there's a GS bug in OSIS commentary handling, I suppose I'm not
> entirely surprised; there are code paths that have unavoidably never
> been executed, due to lack of a resource on which to apply them.  Now
> we have yours, so we can deal with this.
> Terry (also GS dev & admin) and I will figure out what to do with OSIS
> xrefs in commentaries.  Regrets for there being trouble; whatever it
> is, we'll deal with it in time for GS 2.2.2 (totally random guess: end
> of February, but no specific promises).  We've been at a very rapid
> development pace in GS for the last several months and I've no doubt
> this can be dealt with promptly.
> The continuing prevalence of ThML, and even GBF, over OSIS can be seen via:
> grep ^SourceType= * | tr -d '\r' | cut -d: -f2 | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr
> I don't have many dictionaries, but I have most other Sword resources
> installed (incl. all Bibles, commentaries, and genbooks), and even
> ancient GBF has approx 2.5x the population of OSIS today.
> An item on my personal wishlist is a ThML->OSIS convertion tool...
> --karl
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