[sword-devel] Creation of commentary using osis..

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Feb 2 18:10:27 MST 2007

Pierre Marc Dumuid wrote:
> Hi again,
> I am continuing to attempt to create a sword module using OSIS and have 
> hit another annoyance.
> I have been using a sed script to auto convert bible reference into the 
> format:
> <reference osisRef="Ephesians.1.1">Ephesians 1:1</reference>
> and then when I run osis2mod, and preview it in BibleTime, I can hover 
> my mouse over the bible references and it'll show me the bible verse for 
> the default bible.  This has all been going well, but recently I decided 
> to try the modules on my friends Mac using macsword, and on my linux box 
> using gnomesword2.
> In macsword, placing the mouse over the bible verse pops up a windows 
> showing the text for that passage, but the COMMENTARY text, and not the 
> BIBLICAL text. (the biblical text being what people would rather be doing)
> In gnomesword2 (2.2.1) the bible verse shows up as a hyperlink, but when 
> clicking on it, the preview doesn't switch to the verse??
> I have not seen what the windows version does yet .. Any comment on 
> these errors?

I think BibleTime and BibleCS should show the same behavior. MacSword's 
behavior probably isn't a bug, just different behavior from what you 
expected, and if you have suggestion, you should make the developers 
aware, in case they didn't read this particular message. The GnomeSword 
behavior does sound like a bug.

> Am I referencing verses incorrectly?

Yes. There are standard abbreviations for all Bible books in OSIS.  See 


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