[sword-devel] Module installer for SwordReader

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Wed Dec 19 07:46:21 MST 2007

Hi Michael .........

Michael J Kaye wrote:
> I'd love to try some of the features you've added in SVN, but
> unfortunately the emulator absolutely refuses to run on my machine so I
> can't build it. If you get chance to put up a binary for testing I'd be
> happy to give feedback.
Thanks so much for your trouble testing the installer app for me.  I 
haven't done a lot more to it yet - I should be able to complete it 
fairly soon.

I don't want to put a new SwordReader binary out just yet - there are a 
couple of dodgy 'features' in this build.  I've attached the current 
binary.  I don't think the dll will have changed from the one that's out 
there.  You might want to save your current version before testing 
though, just in case.  You might find that this version locks up if you 
push buttons while it's trying to load all of the text - and it's very 
slow when morphs and strongs are turned on .....  we've a little way to 
go with it yet.

God bless,

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