[sword-devel] Module installer for SwordReader

Michael J Kaye mjkaye at ippimail.com
Wed Dec 19 06:43:00 MST 2007

Hi Barry.

> I've begun work on a simple commandline version for a modules installer
> for SwordReader.... If any of
> you have SwordReader running on a working pocket pc that uses ActiveSync
> to connect to a pc, maybe you could try it out and see where we are
> going so far.
> It does not yet install:  What it does so far is connect...
> and fires up Windows
> InstallManager.  After that, it does nothing except print a message ....
>   just to say it got there.
> It would be good to have some feedback before I go much further with it.

It seems to do pretty much exactly what you describe. When InstallManager
came up, it showed all the modules I have installed on my PDA. The message
given by copyMods.exe is as follows:
Connecting to Windows CE...Success

\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\kjv.conf
\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\ylt.conf
\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\web.conf
\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\nettext.conf
\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\strongshebrew.conf
\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\strongsgreek.conf
\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\netfree.conf
\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\netnotesfree.conf
\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\litv.conf
\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\klv.conf
\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\isv.conf
\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\hnv.conf
\Storage Card2\The Sword Project SwordReader\mods.d\esv.conf
starting InstallManager,exe

At end of InstallManager CreateProcess - waiting for InstallManager to end.

Finished with InstallMangager - now do the install

BTW, I meant to give feedback on the SwordReader application installer. It
works perfectly for me. I also think I was wrong about the icon issue. If
the shortcut is in the "Start Menu/Programs" folder the icon shows up
fine. If the shortcut is in the Start Menu root, and accessed directly
from the drop-down menu, the icon does not show. I assume that's because
the executable doesn't have an icon that size.

I'd love to try some of the features you've added in SVN, but
unfortunately the emulator absolutely refuses to run on my machine so I
can't build it. If you get chance to put up a binary for testing I'd be
happy to give feedback.


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