[sword-devel] Tagging verses and verse lists

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Mon Dec 17 13:27:09 MST 2007

A good test for your new software would be to convert Nave's Topical  Bible 
(Nave) and Thompson Chain Topics (TCR) to "taglists". This would  test unique 
names, descriptions and give you lots of verse reference list  examples. Just a 
On Dec 3, 2007 12:36 AM, Jonathan Morgan <jonmmorgan at gmail.com>  wrote:
> I have a suggestion for a feature that I would consider very  useful in
> Bible software.  This idea I originally characterised in  terms of
> "tagging", but my brother said it sounded very much like verse  lists.
> My personal view is that verse lists may be useful in  implementing
> something like tagging, but the two are semantically  different (for
> example, a verse list tends to imply an order, while  tagging doesn't.
> Similarly, tagging would tend to be considered to apply  to a verse
> that was tagged, while a verse list is just a list of  verses.)

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