[sword-devel] BibleCS LXX "Morph" problem

RLRANDALLX at aol.com RLRANDALLX at aol.com
Mon Dec 17 00:36:08 MST 2007

Hi Guys!
I believe the "Morph" problem is from the following code
in  "mainfrm.cpp" of  BibleCS.
if ((i  >= (lookupKey.Length()-1)) && (i)) {
lookupKey =  TrimJunk(lookupKey);
String curLex =  LexDictPageControl->ActivePage->Caption;
String feature =  (DefaultVSKey->Testament() == 1)?"Hebrew":"Greek";
feature +=  (preChar == '(')?"Parse":"Def";
if (!strncmp(rtf->Name.c_str(),  "TextRTFLXX", 10))
  feature = "GreekDef";    //    
<--------------------------------------------------------------- Problem  code
 if (!hasFeature(mainmgr, curLex.c_str(), feature.c_str()))  {
SWBuf tmpval =  optionsconf->Sections["ModDefaults"][feature.c_str()];
for  (int i = 0; i < LexDictPageControl->PageCount; i++)  {
if  (!stricmp(LexDictPageControl->Pages[i]->Caption.c_str(), tmpval.c_str())) 
LexDictPageControl->ActivePageIndex =  i;
In  the middle [feature = "GreekDef";] should be [feature = "GreekParse";]
In  "options.conf" I set [GreekDef=Packard] and got it to work. (But other 
mods  failed)
Below is what should be set for KJV, TR & LXX modules:
KJV  O.T.   Feature=HebrewDef=StrongsHebrew
Feature=HebrewParse=??????            <---------- Anybody working on this 
KJV N.T.   Feature=GreekDef=StrongsGreek
TR  N.T.   Feature=GreekDef=StrongsGreek
LXX         Feature=GreekDef=StrongsGreek
Unfortunately I could not find  a module for "HebrewParse".
Ideally these settings should be set in the  module ".conf" files.
For Example, "options.conf" should not lock-in  "GreekParse" as it can be 
Robinson or Packard.
In His Grace,

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