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Sat Dec 15 23:43:39 MST 2007

Barry, et al
That makes sense to me.
I have been doing some research on .conf files with BibleCS to see if I  
could uncover why "Morph on" does not work with KJV-O.T. and also LXX.  I  looked 
at "kjv.conf" and "lxx.conf" first and noticed  "GlobalOptionFilter=OSISMorph" 
in KJV but "GBFMorph" in LXX.  In  "options.conf" I found 
"GreekParse=Robinson".  By changing this to  "GreekParse=Packard" and rerunning BibleCS I seemed 
to have disabled the  KJV-N.T. In "layout.conf", I noticed that "Packard=" and 
"Robinson=true" no  matter what I did in the program. In all my tests I could 
not get the LXX  morphs to popup with the Packard code definitions. Of course 
if I highlighted  the morph and did a Dictionary lookup with Packard in the 
LD pane it would find  the definition. I also noticed that Strongs and Morphs 
were separated by a space  in KJV but not in LXX
 (e.g. KJV: <1234>  (VF-GSM)  vs. LXX: <4321>(A1  GPF).
I still do not know how to interpret the "(8xxx)" numbers that appear  in the 
KJV-O.T. Is there a standard Hebrew morph coding scheme that Crosswire  can 
not get or create?
Anyway I have been staring at "mainfrm.cpp" to see if I can find a clue to  
this problem, but so far am drawing blanks.  Does anyone else see the  problem? 
It would be nice to get LXX working correctly since all the modules are  
there to make it work.
Barry wrote:
>does that sound a  sensible approach to you?

In His Grace,
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