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Fri Dec 14 12:50:30 MST 2007

David Trotz wrote:
<[sword-devel] SwordReader - Experimental Double Buffering
<   added.

Actually in BibleCS if you click the verse up [^] & down [v]  buttons there 
is quite some flickering that goes on taking as much as 2 seconds  on my 
Pentium 4.  It is worse if  [Strongs], [Morph],  &  [Footnotes] are on.  Is there 
something fundamentally wrong with the Sword  engine that causes this? It seems 
all this painting and repainting should go on  in memory BEFORE it paints the 
screen once.  Does anyone else see this  annoying flicker when scrolling thru 
the main window?
In His Grace,
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