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Let's remember I said 'experimental' for a reason. The current build as it stands is alpha level software, its not even at a beta level. As I stated earlier there are some kinks that need some smoothing out. I am confident that as I move forward I can address these issues, one by one. This is an initial implementation, not the end result the point of this current version is to prove one point, and only one point, will this speed up initial rendering times. Answer in my opinion Yes. Now I plan to work out the kinks. I feel strongly that long waits are unacceptable for a program that only displays text, and I am further encouraged in this opinion because other bible software on this platform and even Palm do not lag nearly as much (if at all) as ours does.

I like DM Smith's timestamping idea and will look into that. I am not so hot on the busy cursor unless its absolutely essential, and I can see times when is such as when searching but for dispaying text, I would rather not. Lord willing we can do this, its going to take several iterations but I feel this is priority #1 for this reason, *it's slow* adding new features will make it slower and harder to optimize later on down the line. Let's get this right now.

In Christ,

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Hi there ..........

DM Smith wrote:
> In another app, we put up a busy cursor and blocked input at the start 
> of every event and restored the cursor and user input at it's end.
Thanks for that - sounds good to me.  I think I'd prefer that approach 
to any other, as it lets the user know to wait!  And it is a long wait 
....  Do you think that's the answer, David?

God bless,

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