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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Dec 14 09:27:06 MST 2007

These are probably obvious to everyone, and it bugs me when people make 
obvious suggestions that require months of work, but...

It there an interface we can imagine that lets us load less than a 
chapter at a time?  Or can we still present a 'chapter' view interface 
but setup the control to be seeded with only the verses that fit the 
display and load more verses on demand (scroll)?

David Trotz wrote:
> Barry,
>> I can see the advantage ......  but it's broken something!  On the ARM 
>> emulator (remember that this is incredible slow, so you can see the 
>> 'stages' it goes through).  On the ARM emulator, go to Matt 1:1 and turn 
>> on morphs in kjv.  It fairly quickly shows half a screen with the 
>> morphs, but clicking on them does nothing 'till the whole screen gets 
>> painted.  On the emulator there's time to make a coffee while you're 
>> waiting.  If you tap on 'books' while things are re-building, you get 
>> books and texts highlighted, but nothing seems to work properly - I gave 
>> up waiting at this point .........  the only menubar item that worked 
>> was the menu button so I shut it down.
> Some things to note: I do not use threads, so what you are experiencing 
> here is expected. The application is too busy to address your clicks at 
> the moment because the main thread has not given up control. It is 
> actually doing everything exactly the same as before except now it takes 
> a quick breath to show some verses while you wait for the rest. I feel 
> that a blank screen for seconds at a time when changing books/chapters 
> is unfavorable. I am not sure if you have used Olive Tree's bible but 
> everything is instantaneous. The clicking the Books menubar option while 
> it is loading should act exactly as it did in the previous version for 
> the reason I stated above.
>> KJV again, fired it up and went straight to the books menubar item 
>> (before the main buffer had chance to load).  This froze everything 
>> except the shutdown option which worked.
> This is related to the above. All I can ask is that maybe you try it on 
> a real device,? It works fine on mine. If you want to load something 
> that takes a lot of time, try Psalm 119 Emulators do not always act like 
> real hardware and in my experience are more buggy than the hardware 
> itself, so you spend a lot of time fixing bugs on an emulator that never 
> has problems in the real world. I will try to look into this and 
> determine if it is emulator isolated, testers with real devices would be 
> so helpful here.
>> Still with the kjv.  Leave time for it to load the main buffer, then do 
>> books/Psalm 8 v 1 - this seems not to display anything at all.
> This is confirmed it appears to be some error in the markup, unless some 
> option such as footnotes or strongs or morph s is turned on nothing 
> displays for Psalm 8:1. This is extremely unique to this chapter, I have 
> not seen this behavior elsewhere. I saw it happen with both ESV and KJV 
> but not JFB. I think some html code might be invalid and the html 
> renderer is confused to the point that it just gives up. I will look 
> more into this. Try is on your version with morphs but not double 
> buffering. I want to know if it is an issue with double buffering. I 
> have the original version it does not do this, so its a new bug, just 
> not sure how new.
>> I've not tried any other operations beyond those, but that should give 
>> you some things to go on.  For the moment, I'm going to restore the old 
>> files as the one I'm working on is not among your committed files. 
>> Sorry to bring bad news to what is actually going to be a valuable 
>> concept .........  great work so far!!
> Thanks, I really hope we figure out some of these issues or decide on a 
> new approach because I really feel that display times is a big deal and 
> a solvable issue. Another approach is to write our own html like 
> display, the WindowsCE one is slow and limited on how text gets fed in, 
> it requires all the text in place before it begins to render, and once 
> its rendered it requires a clear to send more text downstream. I wonder 
> what IE uses on my device because they show the page before its all in 
> place.
> --
> In Christ,
> David Trotz
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