[sword-devel] Firefox front-end

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 01:18:17 MST 2007

Hey Guys,

I've implemented a Sword front-end  (using JSword) as a Firefox extension.
Here is a a screenshot of what I have so far: 
I haven't spent any time prettying it up, just using the styled text 
output from JSword verbatim.

I would like to know if this is going to be useful to our community. I 
know there are many great front-ends already, but  some people (like me) 
would also like to use something that is integrated with FF (just a 
notch above the people who do everything in emacs :)) Or has something 
similar already been done?

To use this you would need the JSword libraries and the extension which 
should work in Firefox 1 and up. Implementing this however has not been 
too easy; so I would like to gauge the interest in using such an 
extension before proceeding or taking it too far. Right now the 
extension is really a prototype in POC stage and only handles Bibles. I 
will implement a "bible" protocol, so typing in something like 
bible://Exod.15.20 into your address bar would take you to that 
particular book, chapter and verse.

I really would like to see this through, but perhaps not if it isn't 
going to be useful. Kudos to the sword and jsword teams for such 
excellent resources.

Would appreciate any thoughts and ideas,
Best regards,

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