[sword-devel] Modules for SwordReader

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Sat Dec 8 10:24:00 MST 2007

Hi there ........

I'm looking ahead here.  The ideal arrangement for getting additional 
modules onto a non-techie user's Pocket PC  (I think) would be to 
install a package on the user's Desktop PC that will make an installable 
module into an executable package from an InstallManager download.  This 
will need Install manager (no probs there) and also Microsoft 
cabwiz.exe, makecab.exe and cabwiz.ddf.  As far as I can see, Microsoft 
agree to allow re-distribution of these.  I am asking advice from you on 
that - have I correctly understood?  It also requires EZSetup.exe which 
is freeware and should be no problem. 

The process is first to pack the module files into a specialised .cab 
file - CabWiz does this, and it uses MakeCab as part of the process.  
Then EZSetup packs the .cab file into a Windows .exe file.  When this is 
run, it fires up ActiveSync (part of the Mobile Windows stuff)  and 
transfers the .cab file to the Pocket PC with instructions to install.  
The user then has to give the pocket PC permission to install the 
package, and decide whether to place it in internal memory or on a 
storage card.  (It sounds much more complicated than it is).  All this 
could be fully scripted and hidden from the user in a neat package.  The 
user need only see the Install Manager dialogues and the packaging screens.

As policy, is this the way we should go?  Or ought we to handle the 
provisioning of modules for SwordReader in some other way?  Either way, 
I'd appreciate any help that is offered with the scripting - quite a 
lot, if not all of that could be handled with batch files at a push, 
although we would need a simple script to get the module path from the 
.conf file, and we have to assume that there may not be a Sword 
installation on the PC concerned.  Maybe it would be worth looking at 
Install Manager and making a dedicated version of it to do the whole 
job, and call up the packaging apps. from there?  Any thoughts?

God bless,

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