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Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Thu Dec 6 15:12:13 MST 2007

Hi Michael ...........

Michael J Kaye wrote:
> although turning the footnotes on seems to make the NET Bible, in particular, a lot slower.
Yep - it's slow.  And there's probably not a lot that can be done here.  
NET especially, has huge amounts of footnote stuff, and that slows 
things down a lot.  I'm using NETtext with NETnotes as a better 
alternative (try it and see).  Eventually, we'll have a version 
available with two texts open at the same time, and the ability to 
switch between them.  Don't hold your breath though.
> I get the same issue as Daniel with the footnotes. Some Examples:
That's fixed now in the svn code - with much help from Ben Morgan - 
thanks Ben.  I don't want to make binaries available just yet, as I'm 
working up a .cab file for the starter-pack that will self-install using 
the File Explorer that Pocket PC has.  If you are really desparate, I'll 
put one up (or e-mail you the latest SwordReader.exe binary), but if you 
can wait a day or two I'll put a .cab file up on Sourceforge and you can 
test the new install out for me.
> The NET Bible footnotes typically extend off the bottom of screen too, with no way of seeing that part. Though I assume that's the standard behaviour of the MessageBox.
Yes, and there's nothing I can do about that unless I make a separate 
text window for footnotes.  Personally, I'm happy for now with having 
NET and NETNotes available on board, and will be even happier when I can 
switch between them.
> The icon in my shortcut doesn't show up either (yes I did use the suggested method). However, I don't get the problem of SwordReader not appearing on the screen. It comes up every time.
That's interesting.  I hadn't expected that Windows Mobile would behave 
differently on different devices.  Thanks for that one.  The .cab file 
installation should solve the icon problem.   I say 'should', because 
Windows Mobile is all very new to me, so I need to try and see.
> I assume that the fact that the cross-references just display the reference is already known. Likewise that tapping on a Strong's number doesn't display anything.
For now, that's exactly what should happen.  Strong's and Morph's are 
something I rarely use.  Most of the code for showing these, and for 
calling up dictionaries was in the original source, but well broken.  If 
there is a use for these by other folk, I can work on that in due course 
and get them showing in popups (I think).  Cross references might be 
more difficult at the moment, although they should be possible.  If you 
are saying you want all of them, I'll put them on the wish list.  Bear 
in mind the speed: just try the kjv with footnotes, strongs and morph 
turned on and you'll see what I mean.  With the emulator, you can almost 
make a cup of tea while you're waiting.

Thanks for all your encouragement and patience.

God bless,

-- From Barry Drake (The Revd) minister of the Netherfield United Reformed church, Nottingham see http://www.jesusinnetherfield.org.uk for our church homepages).

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