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Michael J Kaye mjkaye at ippimail.com
Thu Dec 6 11:14:12 MST 2007

Hi Barry.

> I have placed a starter pack of the latest build of the above at:
> https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=138929
> It is a zip file with an install.txt and a set of files including the
> kjv pathed for straight unpacking onto a pocket pc storage card, or via
> a pc into the main memory of a pocket pc.  The install.txt file gives
> full instructions, but if anyone needs halp, please get back to me.

Thank you for carrying on the development of this programme. I find it
invaluable to have the Bible on my PDA.

I tried it out on an HP Jornada 568, with a StrongARM processor, running
PocketPC 2002. Works well. The install was much better. I like the fact
that I can have the whole thing on my CF card now. Being able to see the
footnotes is fantastic, although turning the footnotes on seems to make
the NET Bible, in particular, a lot slower.

I get the same issue as Daniel with the footnotes. Some Examples:
 * ESV - Genesis 1:8, the footnote displays:
    'Or <hi type="italic">Sky</hi>; also verses 9, 14, 15, 17, 20, 26, 28,
30; 2:1'.
 * NET Bible - Genesis 1:4, the first footnote displays:
    '<hi type="bold">tn</hi><hi type="italic">Heb</hi>"And God saw the
light, that it was good." The verb "saw" in this passage carries the
meaning "reflected on," "surveyed," "concluded," "noted." It is a
description of reflection of the mind - it is God's opinion.'

The NET Bible footnotes typically extend off the bottom of screen too,
with no way of seeing that part. Though I assume that's the standard
behaviour of the MessageBox.

The icon in my shortcut doesn't show up either (yes I did use the
suggested method). However, I don't get the problem of SwordReader not
appearing on the screen. It comes up every time.

I assume that the fact that the cross-references just display the
reference is already known. Likewise that tapping on a Strong's number
doesn't display anything.

I hope this feedback is of some help. Thanks again for taking up this
programme and for making such good progress.


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