[sword-devel] Sword OSIS quotation mark handling question

Kahunapule Michael Johnson kahunapule at mpj.cx
Mon Apr 30 11:37:41 MST 2007

Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> One thing I have to observe is that even your mail message here came
> across claiming a character set of "windows-1252".  There is also
> -1251 and possibly a couple others.  These are very nonstandard,
> Microsoft-only encodings where \221 thru \227 (in particular) have
> quotation/apostrophe/ellipsis manifestations that cannot be counted on
> outside of an extremely MSWindows-centric world.  (My mailer is happy
> enough to provide me with a feature known as "treat dumbquotes" to
> convert such windows-125x characters into iso-8859 on demand.)
> One part of any automated module production process must necessarily
> be eliminating this extreme platform sensitivity, using something
> appropriate, generally in UTF-8, I suppose (since that seems to be
> where such things have headed).
E-mail does weird things to character encoding. The characters would be
UTF-8 Unicode, not Windows-1252.

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