[sword-devel] osis2mod

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Apr 25 15:47:06 MST 2007

DM and I have been chatting a bit off-list about the future/function of 
osis2mod and I thought maybe we should open up the discussion a bit.

Right now osis2mod (the tool for converting OSIS Bibles to Sword Bible 
modules) does some mediocre validity checking as it builds its Sword 
database. We'll never really get it perfect this way since we aren't 
doing real schema validation.

DM has suggested adding a real validating parser to osis2mod (by 
embedding something like xerces or libxml), so it could spit out an 
error message if you try to import invalid OSIS.

I'm not totally convinced we should do that. When I prepare modules from 
OSIS docs, I always perform validation in an external validator. 
(Personally I use Oxygen, but there are also XML Spy, MSV, topologi, 
Xerces, etc.)

Do people feel that incorporating a real validator would make osis2mod 
easier to use?

It could potentially cause the filesize to jump dramatically, so would 
that be acceptable?

If we incorporate osis2mod into either front-ends or installmgr so that 
users could import OSIS documents directly into Sword, would that 
support or detract from the case for embedding a full validator?


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