[sword-devel] sword-devel Digest, Vol 37, Issue 19

Jónatas Ferreira jonatas at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 05:14:48 MST 2007

Hi Troy,

I tryed the FC app in two phones, the Nokia E-61 and the Motorola  
V975, in which it works perfectly. I used the standard version and  
not the "old phones'" version.

BTW, I didn't know about this program and it is very helpfull for me  
in memorizing hebrew vocabulary. Is there a version with greek  

Jónatas Ferreira

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> De: "Troy A. Griffitts" <scribe  crosswire.org>
> Data: 23 de abril de 2007 21:42:16 GMT+01:00
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> Assunto: [sword-devel] flashcards mobile
> Responder A: SWORD Developers' Collaboration Forum <sword- 
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> Hey guys,
> I have a new implementation of Flashcards Mobile available from  
> your phone at:
> crosswire.org/fc
> It only uses the very oldest J2ME APIs so it should work on most  
> any phone.  We are now drawing the quiz screen ourself and allowing  
> a numeric keypad press to answer.  This saves quite a number of key  
> presses when choosing your answer.  There is also a new 'HELP'  
> button which shows you the answer, useful while reviewing the  
> flashcards for the first time.
> Please let me know if you have a chance to try and find that it  
> either works or fails on your device.  I would love to hear which  
> devices we can confirm work.
> Thank you,
> 	-Troy.

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